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Adoption Policy

For everyone's well being, Donna Spirito, our co-founder and rescue director has a very careful process for prospective adopters to determine a suitable personality match between you and your ferret. Through this process it will be determined (before you even bring one home) if a ferret is the right pet for you. The adoption process begins with a visit to the rescue (by appointment of course) to meet the prospective "ferret parents" who will then meet the adoptable ferrets. Then an application with very specific questions is submitted by the potential family to help determine what kind of ferret would be best fit in the adopters life, whether it is a year old ferret with boundless energy and bounce, or a pair of older ferrets who would be content to lay back, be adored and nap in your lap.

Through intensive interviewing and second visit (and sometimes a third) and the return of the paper application, Donna gets a better idea of what kind of pet prospective adopters would be happiest with, and what kind of ferret would be happiest with them. Prospective parents are encouraged to spend some time working with the ferrets at the rescue before taking one home. This will give a prospective parent an idea of exactly how much work is involved with being owned by a ferret. New owners are taught how to clip nails, clean ears, administer hairball remedy, maintaining a proper diet and what types of care should be given daily, weekly and monthly. They are also taught what can be an acceptable treat. Most importantly (because of their new ferrets insatiably curiosity and total fearlessness), new ferret owners are taught the fine art of "ferret proofing" their homes.

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