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Below you will find some of the Questions that we are asked and our answers
Q: Don't you get money from the state.

A: Don't we wish, gosh we would have a lot more time on our hands and my teeth wouldn't be ground down to the bone. Unlike organizations who are provided for by town contracts or the state, we rely completely on generous, people who care enough and want to truly make a difference to help us continue the great work we do. Sometimes we are lucky if we take in $200. per month. Try paying the above bills on that!

Q: I have a soon to be a 2 year old ferret she is deaf and I think a little blind and I'm thinking of getting another ferret for her to play with. Since she is a girl I will get another girl but I don't know what kind of a risk I'm taking and I don't know how I would go about this. If you have any idea's please help me out...thank you.
A:I would first take you ferret to the vet to make sure she is up to date on her shots and to have a check up in case she has any medical issues. Adding a new ferret to your home can sometime stress you ferret and you want to make sure she if physically ok before introducing a new ferret. Then I would call your local ferret or animal rescue and talk to them about the ferrets they have available. Most ferret rescues will request that your ferret is up to date on her shots and that she comes to assist in the choosing of her new family member. Less stress that way. Most ferrets are good with others and sex does not matter. Some ferrets will be very aggressive or passive depending on their personality. I do find ferrets that are early or very adrenal do not do well with other ferrets. If your little one is deaf and blind you might have a problem with her being afraid of another ferret because she cannot hear or see them well. You just do not know so best to take her to a rescue to see how she reacts.

Q:My Ferret is alone all day when I am at work I let him out at 4:30pm. He stays out pretty much all night. OK, my question. Do you think I should get him another little guy for company, especially to sleep with and stuff? Someone said they become less into their human though if they have another little guy to play with.

A: No, they do not become less interested in their human by adding a friend. Ferrets are like people. They are good at choosing their friends and most are community animals. But be sure to ask yourself the following four questions before making that decision: 1). Do you have the finances put away for medical/ shots and check up, and emergency care for another pet? Ferrets are very much like children. They very seldom get sick or hurt unless the vets are closed. They can also have several medical issues as they grow older and even more, if they are not cared for properly. 2). Do you have time to care for and play with another ferret? 3). Are there other humans in your household and will they be comfortable with another animal in your home? 4). If you do not own your own home will the landlord allow another pet?
And going to a rescue is a wonderful way of helping another animal find a new home and your ferret can pick his own friend. If you decide to look for a play mate, please make sure that the rescue you work with has tested their ferrets for ADV and parasites. We have had a very hot summer and most of the strays and even some ferrets from the best of home have come in with coccidia, an intestinal parasite. This is the best way to protect your ferret.

Q:My ferret doesn't seem to like Ferretone and squirms and wiggles away when I try to clip his claws... and bathtime... I placed him gently in our tub with a tiny bit of water so he could dabble his toes in it just to see how he liked it. He sniffed, and looked around all confused, then FREAKED! I took him out and cuddled him and the moment I put him on the floor he was right as rain.

Do you have any tips for bathtime and claw clipping?

A: Ferrets body temperatures are two to three degrees higher that humans. So warm to you is cold to him. Its like dumping you into a cold pool. So make the water very warmer and he will not mind it so much. We also keep a very clean new dish pan in the tub with about three inches of water in it and they bathe themselves. They only need a bath twice a year at shed time to assist with excess shed hair. The shampoo dries their fur out if bathed frequently. Of course if they get into something like trash then they will need another one
We do not use Ferrettone very much at the rescue only in the winter time when the hot air heating system is on. Because it is a vitamin supplement too much of it will store in their liver and cause medical issues. We use a hair ball product. You can use Petromalt found in the cat section or Ferretlax. Most ferrets will take it quickly others do not like the texture so I put about a 1/4 on my finger and wet it then see if they will lick it. If not I just place a little on my finger and smear it on their teeth. They usually acquire a taste for it very quickly. For my own personal ferrets they have their own tube so I place it between my knees and squeeze out about a 1/4 of an inch. As they lick I clip. When it is gone I squeeze out more with my knees. They can have 3/4 to one inch once a week to assist with clipping nails and it also helps prevent hair balls. See our tri fold on Hairball Time in our *Educational Material* Section.