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The Educated Ferret Association

Dedicated to the welfare of Ferrets

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The Educated Ferret offers ferret sitting services.
Want to go on vacation? Need to go out of town on business? But have ferrets that you can't take with you. Family and friends are either too busy or not knowledgable enough to leave them with.
We can provide a safe, loving place for your ferrets to stay while you are away on vacation or a business trip. Your ferrets will receive personal attention in a home atmosphere from ferret knowledgeable people.
We require that your ferrets be up to date on their shots and ADV tested with negative results in the last 6 months. We ask that you provide us with one or two pieces of your ferret’s bedding, appropriate amount of your ferret's regular food and litter so s/he will not be faced with something else new and strange. You may also bring any toys or treats that your ferret enjoys. so that they have something that is familiar to them during their stay with us.
Daily Fees are:
$5.00 for 1 ferret
$8.00 for 2 ferrets
$12.00 for 3 ferrets and
$15.00 for 4 ferrets
There is a $1.00 a day fee for each additional ferret after the fourth one.
There may be additional charges for special needs, such as medications that must be administered.
Weekly and other long term rates are also available.
For more information, email us at: