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The Educated Ferret Association

Dedicated to the welfare of Ferrets

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The Educated Ferret Association is an organization of people who own and or care deeply about the welfare of domesticated ferrets. Our purpose is to educate ourselves, and the public about the domestic ferret and it's care, ensuring as much as possible the health and well being of all ferrets through practicing and promoting proper care and treatment.

The Educated Ferret Association is a 501 c3 Not For Profit Organization. We are the ONLY Ferret Shelter in Western Massachusetts!

Explore and have a look around, we hope that you like what you see.

Consider becoming a Member of our Club.

We are also the ONLY Ferret Club in Western Mass.

Membership is very easy and very affordable. You get lots of benefits as a member ... Discounts on Food, Bedding, Toys, Health products that we sell at the Shelter. 

We have Picnics, Project Get togethers and Christmas Parties. We get together and do Education at such places as: PETCO, Dave's Soda and Pet Food, as well as other local animal Shelters that have also started taking in ferrets (Dakin and TJ O'Conner).

We also do Education for Girl and Boy Scout Groups, Libraries, Schools, Etc. and are always looking for our members to volunteer to help out.

Do you have a son or daughter that would like to get a ferret? Are you yourself considering getting one? Learn about their care BEFORE purchasing or adopting one!

Join our group and you/they can volunteer with taking care of the ferrets at the Shelter and at our Education Days at local establishments to see if a ferret is right for them.

Consider becoming a Foster Home to a displaced Ferret and see what the day to day care involves before giving one a forever home with you.

Taking on the responsibility of having a ferret , or ANY animal, own you .. let's face it, they own us and not the other way around, LOL, is a LIFETIME COMMITMENT ... THEIR'S!! And if you take on that commitment, you need to be prepared for EVERYTHING .. in sickness and in health for their entire life.


We also offer FREE classes on Ferret Care at the Shelter.

A Brief History: Association and Shelter

The Educated Ferret Association was co-founded in 1997 by Donna Spirito and Barbaralee Baron. Both were ferret owners and they celebrated the legalization of ferrets in Massachusetts in March of 1997. Before the year was out they realized that as ferrets quickly sold out at pet stores, and became a "fad" pet, there was going to be a tremendous need for a support groups, information resources, and yes, a shelter for abandoned, abused, and unwanted ferrets.

Both women believed then, that education would be the key to fighting ignorance and mistreatment. The Educated Ferret Association was founded along with F.E.R.R.A. (Ferret Education, Rehab, and Relocation Association) to function both as a way for ferret owners and lovers to come together to enjoy learning about ferrets and also as to work as a support system.

What The Educated Ferret Association does IS F.E.R.R.A. - Ferret Education, Rehab, and Relocation. 

We have bi- monthly meetings. We also have meetings four times a year on a Saturday or Sunday at a different location so that out of town members are able to attend. There is a free monthly newsletter published so members can keep in touch with events, stories, medical issues and ferret information. We do education whenever invited in schools, libraries, pet stores and at events. We Also do education at the shelter and rescue by appointment. We would like to thank Petco for inviting us to do education and to have a bake sale each and every month!

We started out as a volunteer board in our first year, then in year two, we elected a board. We look to our members to help out with shelter business, fund raising, educational material, bookkeeping and shelter & rescue maintenance. 

We are now a board of six, with Donna Spirito as Rescue Director. Donna coordinates the education, adoptions, surrenders, and pet visits.