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The Educated Ferret Association

Dedicated to the welfare of Ferrets

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The Educated Ferret Association is an organization of people who own and or care deeply about the welfare of domesticated ferrets. Our purpose is to educate ourselves, and the public about the domestic ferret and it's care, ensuring as much as possible the health and well being of all ferrets through practicing and promoting proper care and treatment.

The Educated Ferret Association is a 501 c3 Not For Profit Organization. We are the ONLY Ferret Shelter in Western Massachusetts!

Explore and have a look around, we hope that you like what you see.

Consider becoming a Member of our Club.

We are also the ONLY Ferret Club in Western Mass.

We have some NEW and Exciting things planned for our members this coming year, so watch for the Updates!

Are you and your ferret prepared for a disaster?

Andrew, Katrina, Gustav, Hanna ....

A disaster can strike at any time,it could be a snowstorm, hurricane, tornado, fires or an earthquake. Find out if you are ready and how to be prepared ... HERE

The Educated Ferret Association

South Hadley, MA. 01075

(413) 538-7108 


A short video set to music about what we do, and why this is important. Please consider adoption when choosing your next pet. You could be saving a life!!